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Kent at War (1939-1945) by Bob Ogley

This illustrated history of the second world war relives the drama, heroism and horrors as they unfolded in the front line county of Kent. This is not just a story of countless fighting men but of the ordinary people who played their part in this great conflict.

"Kent at War is a rich feast, heavily laced with the voices of Kent telling their own stories" - Jan Bakowski, Sevenoaks Chronicle.

"Bite sized chunks of text complemented by well chosen contemporary photographs - Kent at War has to be a winner" - Airway.

"Bob Ogley's meticulous research has uncovered the human stories of terrible, desperate and even hilarious times" - Frank Chapman, The Courier.

ISBN 978-1-872337-49-4 - £16.99 (hardback)
ISBN 978-1-872337-82-1 - £13.99 (paperback)

Biggin on the Bump by Bob Ogley

This is the story of the most famous fighter station in the world - an airfield inhabited by the shadows of extraordinary men and women. Bob Ogley brings it to life and, from the first page, gives a fascinating insight into the men, the women, the machines and the indomitable spirit of those drawn into conflict from 1916 to 1945 ..... and beyond.

"From the brilliantly named Froglets Publications comes the equally brilliant Biggin on the Bump - a glorious tribute to gallantry on and around the airfield" - Flypast.

"A lively and human story of an exciting time" - The Royal Aero Club Gazette.

"It makes fascinating reading" - Air Pictorial.

"A glorious story" - Aviation News.

ISBN 978-1-872337-10-4 £16.99 (hardback)
ISBN 978-1-872337-05-0 £13.99 (paperback)

The Ghosts of Biggin Hill by Bob Ogley

When the RAF quit Biggin Hill in the early 1990s they left behind sprawling blocks of anonymous looking buildings, a chapel which bears witness to the station's great engagements, memories of the greatest aerial combat the world has ever known and many, many ghosts.

The ghosts materialise frequently. They have appeared from within the redundant administrative buildings and near the old runway. They have been seen running to and from the dispersal shelters. They have been spotted in full flying gear, walking the country lanes and, of course, they regularly mingle with the visitors to the Chapel of St George's. On occasions the evocative sound of a Merlin engine has filled the air, usually towards dusk.

The Ghosts of Biggin Hill is not just about the friendly spirits which inhabit the old fighter station. It's also about the heroes and heroines and, by selecting a story here and a picture there from his own superb archives, Bob Ogley has a splendid follow-up to his other highly-acclaimed book, Biggin on the Bump, the story of the most famous fighter station in the world.

ISBN 978-1-872337-46-7 - £16.99 (hardback)
ISBN 978-1-872337-41-8 £14.99 (paperback)

Doodlebugs and Rockets by Bob Ogley

It took Bob Ogley many months to research and write the story of the flying bombs - V1 and V2, or Doodlebug and Rocket - the unique, brilliantly conceived, indiscriminate briefly lived weapons that were launched by the Germans against London in a last ditch orgy of violence designed to turn the tide of the war. Appealing for reminiscences and photographs Bob was overwhelmed by the response. Thousands remembered the ungainly monsters that roared across the skies like badly tuned motorbikes. Who could forget that moment when the engine cut out and the missile fell silently to earth followed by a shattering explosion? More than 200 photographs.

"Not a military appreciation but a human story well told" - Light Aviation.

"A model history that remembers a phenomenon too readily relegated to a footnote in other books. Thoroughly recommended" - Air Pictorial.

"A vivid piece of historical story telling" - Air Mail.

ISBN 978-1-872337-22-7 - £16.99 (hardback)
ISBN 978-1-872337-21-0 - £13.99 (paperback)

Westerham & Crockham Hill in the War by Helen Long

This illustrated history of World War II relives the drama, the heroism and the horrors as they unfolded in the small market town of Westerham, known throughout the world as the country home of Britain's wartime Prime Minister, Winston Churchill. It is not an official history, rather an account of how the events of these years appeared to the people of Westerham and the little village of Crockham Hill, further along the road past Chartwell. Helen Long has searched the memories of almost 100 people from all walks of life and, thanks to their contributions, produced an anecdotal account of those days.

ISBN 978-1-872337-40-1 - £8.95 (paperback)

Surrey at War (1939-1945) by Bob Ogley

The companion book to Kent at War. Stories of tragedy, endurance and courage. All the great events and more than 200 photographs that cannot fail to stir powerful emotions as they bring back memories of the most dramatic years of the century.

ISBN 978-1-872337-65-4 - £14.99 (paperback)

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