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The Kent Weather Book by Bob Ogley, Ian Currie and Mark Davison

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The Weather Book Series by Bob Ogley, Mark Davison and Ian Currie

The Kent Weather Book sold so brilliantly that Bob Ogley and his co-authors - weather experts, Mark Davison and Ian Currie - decided to write the history of the weather in other English counties. Now there are individual books for Essex, Surrey, Sussex, Norfolk and Suffolk, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight and Berkshire. Yes, the train that should have arrived on platform two was really in a snowdrift. Yes grandad was telling the truth when he said he paddled down the High Street in a canoe. The pictures tell the story.

"The authors have done their homework meticulously and presented a thorough analysis of the region's weather. A fascinating book" - The Suffolk Sage on The Norfolk and Suffolk Weather Book.

ISBN 978-1-872337-99-9 - £9.95 (paperback) [Out of print]; ISBN 978-1-872337-98-2 - £16.95 (hardback) [Out of print]

"Graphic details and excellent photographs bring many memories flooding back (pardon the pun)" - Meon Valley News on The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Weather Book.

ISBN 978-1-872337-20-3 - £9.95 (paperback)

"I could not put it down, it read like a horror story, then it made me laugh and cry" - Tom Moore, Evening Argus, on The Sussex Weather Book.

ISBN 978-1-872337-13-5 - £9.95 (paperback) [Temporarily out of print]

The Essex Weather Book  ISBN 978-1-872337-31-9 - £10.99 (paperback)

The Berkshire Weather Book ISBN 978-1-872337-48-7 - £9.95 (paperback)

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Updated 27 December 2015